Joe Biden’s presidency ended last week | and more…

1) Joe Biden’s presidency ended last week. Michael Godwin writes:

According to the election calendar, Joe Biden has three years remaining in his term. According to political reality, his presidency is over, kaput, finished.

It ended last week because of an accumulation of serious wounds, most of them self-inflicted. The final blow came from a boomerang after the president who campaigned as a decent man and uniter declared his opponents traitors and racists.

Included in that category were Democrats as well as Republicans, leading even members of his own party to concede Biden had gone too far.

…This is not a drip-drip-drip. This is a fast-paced hemorrhage of support, and there is no reason to believe Biden is capable of turning things around.

One sign there is blood in the water is the emergence of two sharks, Bill and Hillary Clinton. The balloons floated suggesting that Hillary is the party’s answer felt like the start of a concerted effort to test her strength — and outflank Vice President Kamala Harris as the post-Biden alternative.

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2) Only one state has a Biden approval rating over 50%. One.

3) A moderate Republican in Arizona dropped out of the primary, clearing the way for the Trump-endorsed candidate:

A Republican candidate for Arizona governor dropped out of the race hours before former President Donald Trump was set to speak at a rally with her top rival.

Kimberly Yee released a statement Saturday saying she will instead run for reelection as state treasurer.

Yee, who is a former top member of the Arizona State Legislature, was competitive but lagging in the polls behind former television anchor Kari Lake, whom Trump has endorsed for governor.

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