Joe Biden signs executive order to make government less “confusing” | And more…

Joe Biden just signed an executive order called the “Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government,” act. It’s the most typically confusing government order, that confusingly claims to make the government less confusing.

I have bad news for Joe Biden. You can’t rebuild trust in government by signing an order – it’s much more complicated. Here are a few suggestions on what would ACTUALLY rebuild trust.

  • Stop raising taxes and hiring IRS agents to harass Americans
  • Stop lying to us about Covid and treating us like children who can’t make our own medical decisions
  • Stop banning oil drilling and pipelines
  • Be honest about inflation, and cut regulations that drive up costs
  • Stop dividing the country with lies about racism
  • Stop attacking the police and law and order.

I won’t hold my breath for Biden to do any of that, but candidates running in 2024 should take notice.

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