Joe Biden Makes THE Decision – Wisconsin Suspect SMOKING GUN – White House Attacks

Joe Biden just picked Jerome Powell to head up the Federal Reserve for a second term. This comes amid spiraling inflation that Powell apparently didn’t see coming. In what world can you botch you most important duty and get to stay?

This follows the pattern that Biden has established of sticking with failed leaders. When Mark Milley botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden didn’t fire him – no accountability.

When Anthony Blinken left hundreds of Americans there, Biden left him in place at the State Department – no accountability.

It must have something to do with Biden’s own incompetence. He can’t fire anyone because he himself is a failure at everything he does. Meanwhile, America suffers.

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Apparently, the man that massacred children and grandparents by running them over at a Wisconsin parade was an anti-Trump, anti-police zealot. I have a feeling that we’ll be finding out a lot more about this case soon.

The White House is attacking Ron DeSantis for protecting the civil rights of unvaccinated Americans. They know he’s dangerous to their vision of tyranny.

Jen Psaki routinely lies for the Biden administration – so it was a big surprise when she was actually called out for it by left-wing “fact-checker” Politico.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has some choice words for Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, saying that they should be prosecuted for their part in the mismanagement of the Covid pandemic. 

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