Joe Biden is trying to twist the media’s arm to give him more positive coverage

Joe Biden has been getting fawning coverage from the media since day 1, but apparently it’s not good enough for Biden and his team.

The New York Post reports:

“The White House has been secretly begging news organizations to give “favorable” coverage to President Biden rather than focusing on his failings, according to a report.

The administration is “not happy” with the unflattering headlines and coverage of the supply-chain disaster and handling of the economy — and so “has been working behind the scenes trying to reshape coverage in its favor,” CNN’s Reliable Sources said.

Senior White House and administration officials “have been briefing major newsrooms over the past week,” a source told the outlet’s media reporter Oliver Darcy.”

This is ridiculous of course – the media is so deep in Biden’s pocket that it’s hard to imagine what they could do more to help him. “The Five” has some fun with the story today – watch: