Joe Biden is hiding after Virginia debacle

He has no clue how to deal with this debacle.

As Kyle Smith writes:

“Bidenians across the country have been pushing the following nutsy policies: a spending spree that is fueling inflation and will lead to more taxation; going soft on criminals (Biden even buried a call for an end to cash bail in his ridiculous “gender equity” scheme last month); torturing the language by feeding it through the political-correctness grinder; boring everybody but woke college students with incessant talk about “white privilege” and “white supremacy,” and, most egregious of all, telling parents that their children belong to the government and will be taught whatever Democrats in that government dictate.”

“And what’s with the neverending COVID crisis that Biden promised to crush with his awesome half-century of Washington managerial competence? Next month the Biden era’s COVID death toll will surpass the horrible figure compiled during the Trump Administration.”

“The voters gave all of that an F, as in “Eff Joe Biden.” On social media, people are saying “FJB” for short. Or “Let’s go Brandon.” On Wednesday, one of Biden’s ablest opponents, and a potential future presidential candidate, Gov. Ron DeSantis, was openly mocking the “Brandon Administration.” Florida Man 1, Swamp Man 0.”