Joe Biden goes off the rails in a stunning video

Joe Biden held a press conference today, and it went even worse than expected – and that’s a low bar.

Take for example, this painful and wandering 2 minute answer where Biden lost his train of thought multiple times, and never even got to an actual answer of a simple question about Covid policy:

This is a man that is so profoundly lost, that he can’t understand and answer a simple softball question from a friendly reporter. You can see the old politician in Biden gamely struggle to keep talking, to keep pulling on his vast store of political generalities to make it through.

But in the end, he has nothing in his head. He can’t remember things long enough to process a coherent answer. All that’s left is an empty pause and a jumbled collection of semi-relevant phrases.

This is called dementia. Biden is struggling in front of the whole world, but the Democrats keep cruelly trotting him up there.

It’s time to end the farce and invoke the 25th Amendment.