Joe Biden gives the order – then blasts himself for doing it | and more…

Joe Biden had a weird moment in a speech last night, where he tried to use scare tactics and dying children as political capital.

Biden went from a whisper to a shout while talking about the price of insulin in a speech. But he neglected to mention one crucial fact.

There’s just one problem. Just last year, one of Biden’s first executive orders was to stop a Trump order that would slash the price of Epipens and insulin. That’s right. Joe Biden is literally screaming about the injustice of a problem he created.

It’s like these people think we are stupid.

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Break From Politics

While the rest of the world is fighting about politics and pandemics, some people are just living their lives and pursuing their hobbies. I recently got the chance to go to a poultry show, and saw thousands or purebred show poultry, some of which are quite weird and different looking. I highly recommend it if you get the chance. Normal people of all types, doing something they love without fear. That’s America.

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