Joe Biden declares a civil war on Americans | and more…

 1) Joe Biden is declaring a civil war on Americans. Greg Gutfeld says:

Maybe I’m nuts, but did Joe just kind of declare a civil war on a sizable portion of America? Because I can’t believe he thinks we’re at war with just one guy like Trump or a freak in a Viking hat.

You just pit one half of the country against the other like he was picking sides for dodgeball game. By the way, you might not even believe this crap, because like his bladder, it’s not him who’s in control.

Seriously, this is kind of a big deal because the president of the United States just said we were in a battle for the soul of America, and that implies a good side and a bad side, right, with two teams. Which means if you’re watching this show and you like this show, you’re probably on the bad team.

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2) Newly elected Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg is planning in eliminating jail time for a wide range of crimes. This will RUIN New York City even worse than before:

3) The Cheney’s are now aligning with the left. That should tell you something about both of them

Former Vice President Dick Cheney visited the House of Representatives yesterday. He and his daughter Liz were the only two Republicans present at a moment of silence commemorating the events of last January 6th. It was a touching scene, which perfectly described why the surviving anti-Trump Uniparty of the political mainstream is at least as much of a threat to democracy as the “insurrectionists” they never stop wailing about.

All those things Trump is rumored to be, Dick Cheney actually is. That’s why it’s so significant that he appeared on the floor of the House yesterday to be slobbered over by the Adam Schiffs and Nancy Pelosis of the world. Dick Cheney did more to destroy democracy in ten minutes of his Vice Presidency than Donald Trump did in four years.

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