Joe Biden confronted on Putin preparedness by Peter Doocy

Fox’s Peter Doocy went after President Biden in a recent press conference, asking if Biden had underestimated Putin. Although Biden tried to do damage control, we all know the answer: he isn’t prepared for any type of leadership, much less WWIII.

Watch the exchange here:

The dirty little secret that everyone knows, is that Biden isn’t in control of anything. Instead, his handlers have farmed that out to incompetents like Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

Former Trump DNI Richard Grenell called out Blinken and Sherman by name for their incompetence, saying: “The Biden appointees at the State Department are an abject failure…They have failed in their negotiations with North Korea, Iran, now with Russia.”.

“I think the first thing is we gotta make sure that Wendy Sherman or Tony Blinken are not our negotiators. I mean, it’s really bad,” Grenell added.

“Wendy Sherman has the nickname ‘What Do Ya Want Wendy;’ when she negotiates, she gives everything away,” Grenell said. “Antony Blinken is starry eyed and doesn’t understand his opponent. So I think we gotta start demanding that the people we put forward to negotiate for us are tough diplomats. I’m tired of having the State Department pushed aside.”

Good luck fixing anything with Democrats in charge.