Joe Biden caught on video making remarks about MLK | and more…

While Democrats spent MLK day accusing Republicans of racism, a video of President Joe Biden attacking King’s legacy went viral. That’s right. Joe Biden valued the contributions of a felon who abused women more than Martin Luther King.


This is the Democrat party in 2022 in a nutshell.

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Just The News: A flurry of Democratic lawmakers have suddenly resigned and/or been indicted over the last six months in connection with charges ranging from corruption to sexual predation.

Fox star Lara Logan has been dropped by her talent agency UTA, after making comments comparing Dr. Fauci to certain elements of the Nazi regime.

Meet the woke Seattle school indoctrination czar who married a sex offender and then began spreading poison throughout the school system. “Confronted with these results, Castro-Gill replied that she never had any intention of narrowing the achievement gap. Gaps, she believed, are a good thing, because they ensure that we focus on race. “Closing ‘Achievement/Opportunity’ gaps is a Western way of thinking about education,” she said. “We should never ‘close’ that gap because it provides space for reflection and growth.” It also justified jobs like hers.”

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