Joe Biden appears to insult Fox News reporter over inflation question

After Fox News journalist Peter Doocy asked a question about US inflation, Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic appearing to criticize him, reportedly calling him a “dumb son of a bitch.”

President caught on mic seemingly swearing at Peter Doocy as journalists left a news conference.

“Do you think inflation will be a political problem in the midterm elections?” a reporter asked the president as journalists exited the room after a White House event on Monday.

“No, it’s a terrific asset — greater inflation,” Biden replied. “What a dumb of a son of a b*tch.”

The microphone was straight in front of Biden, yet it appeared that he was speaking to himself or that he mistook the mic for being switched off.

The statement was stated at the conclusion of a meeting of the White House Competition Council when officials offered an update on efforts to battle inflation, which recently reached 7%.

Biden, who was simultaneously answering questions about Ukraine’s escalating crisis, had stated that he only intended to answer questions about the council, which Doocy appeared to be covering in his investigation.

The White House has stated this month that inflation will just be a temporary issue, but several Democrats are concerned about long-term political ramifications.

Biden’s statement instantly went viral on social media, with some pointing out that Biden had previously muttered, “What a ridiculous question,” in response to a query regarding Russia from another Fox News reporter. Soon later, Doocy appeared on Fox News and joked about the remark, stating, “Nobody has fact-checked him yet.”

Neither the White House nor Fox News immediately responded to requests for comment from Insider. After the exchange, Doocy said he wasn’t initially aware of the president’s insult and made light of the exchange.

Biden then contacted Doocy to apologize for the remark, according to CNN’s chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins.