Hispanics crush Democrat dreams: Majority support CLOSING southern border

(The Center Square) – A key demographic is calling for stronger border enforcement as illegal immigration continues to rise, according to a new poll.

Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar group released polling showing that the majority of Hispanics support closing the southern border.

The poll found 65.2% of Hispanics want the border closed, 27.7% of Hispanics say the border should not be closed, and 7.2% are unsure.

“The fact that a majority of American voters, including nearly two-thirds of Hispanic voters, want to take the drastic step of temporarily closing our southern border shows that Americans see the impending disaster we face if the border crisis goes unchecked,” said Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action.

According to the poll, “65.2 percent of Hispanics say that with the ongoing immigration crisis – including a surge in illegal border crossings, human trafficking, and drug smuggling – the Biden Administration should close the southern border until a solution is reached.“

Hispanics have been a key voting bloc for Democrats, and their support will heavily influence the November midterm elections, where other polling suggests Democrats could take heavy losses.

The poll comes as illegal immigration has sharply increased since President Joe Biden took office. In the month of March alone, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported encountering more than 220,000 illegal immigrants crossing the border.

The poll found that 55.8% of all surveyed Americans want the border closed.