Hillary JAIL announcement – it’s time | and more…

Everyone’s thinking it, but Republican Mo Brooks just said it – now that we have evidence that she was spying on the Presidentt of the United States, Hillary Clinton needs to go to jail.

This isn’t the first time someone has called for criminal consequences for Hillary, but for the first time we have a mechanism to do so, especially if the Durham investigation continues to pile up indictments.

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New York City Major Eric Adams just fired thousands of workers for refusing to get the vaccine. Don’t believe the hype, the great reset is still moving ahead.

Bidenflation is not slowing down – it’s getting WORSE. Prices are up a record-breaking 9.7%, and that’s just the “official” numbers.

The media is doing a full about-face on mask mandates after demonizing anyone that said that exact same thing. The effect is startling:

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