Hillary Clinton makes delusional claim about Ukraine and Trump.

Hillary Clinton is trying to make the Ukranian war about Trump, in her usual deluded way. Clinton made a statement blaming Trump and excusing Biden for the situation happening under his watch.

“President Biden had to rebuild trust and confidence,” Clinton said, adding, “None of this would have been possible in the prior administration. So this is a rebuilding of our credibility, of our leverage.”


Crenshaw reacted, saying, “I can’t believe she just said that. When you just played that clip, that’s the first time I’ve heard it…That you’re going to somehow place blame on the last administration. So let’s talk about how Trump dealt with NATO and dealt with Russian aggression.”

He added, “He was the one who was constantly telling our NATO allies they had to increase their defense spending. He was the one telling our NATO allies, and Germany especially, ‘stop relying on Russian oil and gas…Don’t ask us to be protecting you when you’re relying on them for energy. Rely on us for energy.’”