Harris becomes Twitter laughingstock after video of her basketball skills emerges

Vice President Kamala Harris’ basketball skills made her the laughingstock of Twitter this past week — particularly after her staff tried to cover up for them. 

The humiliation began after Opal Vadhan, a personal aide to the vice president, tweeted this video of Harris making a shot during an event on Wednesday.

“Madam @VP,” she said in the caption:

However, as the Republican National Committee’s Research team noted, this wasn’t her first shot. Or her second.

“She missed the first five shots…” the account tweeted.

Indeed, the fuller footage showed Harris not only missing the shots — and not even hitting the rim or backboard on occasion — but seeming unable to get into a proper shooting stance at times.

“I’m publicly embarrassing myself,” Harris said after missing one shot.

After missing a few more: “We might be here all night.”

In fact, one of the young women at the event can arguably be credited with making sure they weren’t, advising Harris to move closer to the basket.

While she still missed one more, after some advice from her husband, Doug Emhoff, she was finally able to hit a shot.

The video drew derisive comments across Twitter.

“Not gonna lie, I thought Kamala had better ball skills than this,” said Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis.

“Just absolute gaslighting. Why are you only showing 5 seconds of this clip?” said STeve Guest, a member of Sen. Ted Cruz’s communications team. “Oh… this is why.”