Hannity warns of Biden’s deteriorating cognitive state: ‘We all see it’

Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, questions about then-candidate Joe Biden’s cognitive status repeatedly came to the forefront, and now that he has been on the job in the Oval Office for roughly four months, those concerns show no sign of abating, according to one prime time cable news star.

During his Thursday evening Fox News show, host Sean Hannity made his feeling on the topic known, outlining his dismay over President Biden’s plummeting mental faculties and referring to him as “a hollow shell of his former self,” as the Washington Examiner reports.

Hannity began by contrasting Biden’s current status with that of years past, asking, “Was Joe Biden like this in 2016, 2012? Because Joe, let’s be honest, was never a particularly bright or smart guy, but what we’re now seeing sadly for him is a hollow shell of his former self,” adding his belief that the president is “a total, complete cognitive mess.”

Sounding the alarm about the potential global implications of Biden’s apparent decline, Hannity continued, “What’s really sad is the reality is that if we can all see it, so can America’s enemies, and we have real enemies in China, North Korea, Russia.”

Singling out what he sees as the clear disdain Russia’s leader has for our nation’s commander in chief, Hannity declared, “Vladimir Putin doesn’t respect or fear Joe Biden. In fact, none of these people do – none of these countries do. He just steamrolled – Vladimir did – Biden, who rubber-stamped Russia’s new pipeline project into Western Europe, into Germany,” referencing the administration’s decision to waive sanctions that would effectively halt progress on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Thursday’s missive was certainly not the first time Hannity has raised red flags about Biden’s cognitive abilities. Back in March, after the president took a tumble on the stairs as he boarded Air Force One, the Fox News host said, “You got to almost feel sorry for Joe Biden. From what we can clearly observe now on pretty much a daily basis, he is obviously not doing well…And the scary part of it is, now this is a national security issue.”

Bolstering his take, Hannity added, “Look at Vladimir Putin, openly mocking the President of the United States of America, challenging him to a debate and then saying, ‘I hope you’re better, I hope you’re feeling better, good health.’”

“The Chinese are now literally spitting at the U.S.,” Hannity explained at the time about foreign leaders’ reactions to Biden’s vulnerabilities, continuing, “The mullahs in Iran, they are emboldened. This is now a nightmare scenario.”

American voters are not blind to the reality of Biden’s difficulties, and with a new survey indicating that 51% of Biden’s own supporters do not believe he will be able to complete his full first term in office, the predicament in which the country finds itself is likely just beginning.