Grand jury indicts star rapper for first-degree murder

Jacksonville, Florida rapper Hakeem Robinson — better known by his stage name Ksoo — has been hit with two first-degree murder charges in separate killings, WJXT-TV reported.

The charges stem from two separate killings in 2019 and 2020.

A grand jury handed down five indictments Thursday related to the killings of 16-year-old Adrian “Bibby” Gainer in 2019 and 23-year-old Charles “Lil Buck” McCormick in 2020.

Both shootings were gang-related, WTLV-TV reported.

Also charged in the case were Robinson’s brother, Abdul Robinson Jr., and Leroy Whitaker.

“Robinson has been in Duval County jail since September of 2020. He was initially charged with murder in a January shooting. Police allege he shot McCormick to death at the Dames Pointe Plaza on Merrill Road,” WTLV reported.

“After he was arrested, a record company came forward to offer help bonding Robinson out of jail. 

“While he was still in jail, the rapper was hit with another murder charge for a February killing. Police say Robinson shot and killed Gainer Hilltop Village Apartments on West 45th Street.”

The grand jury indictments upgraded the charges to first-degree murder. Before the upgrade, he had a bond of $4 million which was potentially going to be revoked. Now, Robinson will be held without bond.

Ksoo became internationally known as one of several Jacksonville-area rappers who gained millions of views on YouTube and related streaming services for lyrics about the murders.

In one of Ksoo’s music videos, titled “Ksoo B****,” he bragged about killing Gainer, otherwise known as “Bibby.”

“N**** never play with Ksoo. Smoke Durk and Bibby to the face though,” he rapped. “Bibby had a closed casket, I wasn’t surprised.”

Ksoo is a prominent member of ATK, one of two rival rap groups in the Florida city which rap about their violent feud.

Gainer’s mother Elizabeth said hearing the song about her son was “like somebody taking a healed wound and opening it back up and stabbing at it over and over again.”

“He was joy. All he did was laugh and dance,” Elizabeth Gainer said in October. “Nobody can do anything worse to me than killing my child.”

On Friday, Gainer hailed the upgraded charges as a good sign.

“It was a relief because I was terrified the entire time. It’s a relief because now I’ve got my faith in the court system,” she said.

“I just can’t wait until this trial is over with so we can finally start to heal because none of us have healed yet. None of us have begun to heal yet.”