Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa signs a bill protecting female athletes against transgender athletes.

On Thursday, Governor Kimberly Reynolds signed a bill requiring athletes to compete on school, college, and university sports teams that match their biological sex.

Kimberly Reynolds, a Republican politician and the governor of Iowa, has joined the campaign to defend female sports.

According to USA Today, House File 2416, which takes effect immediately, “school-sponsored sporting activities must be classified as men’s, women’s, or coeducational sports.” Athletes wishing to compete in women’s sports must have “female” stated on their birth certificate; there will be no such criteria for men’s sports.

According to the site, “the statute empowers students to sue if they believe they have experienced “direct or indirect harm” as a result of a school’s violation of the law.” “In cases, the Iowa attorney general’s office will represent schools and school personnel, and the state will cover any legal fees.”

Iowa’s law, according to legal experts, is likely to be challenged in court. In the last two years, such laws have been challenged in court in Idaho, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. Kim Reynolds referred to the situation as a “fairness issue” for female athletes.

Girls have hopes and fantasies of receiving a scholarship to assist pay for college. Girls have aspirations of competing in the Olympics one day,┬áReynolds added. “So it’s a question of fairness.”

Linda L. Upmeyer, the co-chair of the Republican Party of Iowa, welcomed the bill as a victory for female athletes.

“This is fundamentally a fairness problem,” Upmeyer stated. “Young girls should not be discouraged from engaging in or succeeding in, athletics because they are not capable of competing. “Wisdom has no place in our classrooms or athletics.”

Senate Minority Leader Zach Wahls, a Democrat, described the law as “appalling.” “She’s shown once again that she’s more concerned with gaining political points than with the impact of law on some of our society’s most disenfranchised children,” he said in a statement.

“Your girls will indeed be on an equal footing,” she remarked. “We want them to have a chance to succeed, so they will only be competing against other biological girls, as shown on their birth certificate.”