Government Arrests HUNDREDS – Biden’s 230,000 DEAD – And More…

In Australia, the people are rebelling against draconian lockdowns – and the government is reacting viciously, arresting hundreds of protesters.

The Hill reports:

Australian police arrested more than 250 people on Saturday during anti-lockdown protests across the country.

Police told Reuters that they arrested 218 people in Melbourne and issued 236 fines for breaking public health orders, at $3,900 each.

While Sydney had been on lockdown for nearly two months, Melbourne and Australia’s capital city, Canberra, began lockdown early on in August. Residents of the cities are expected to limit their social interactions with others during the lockdown and remain at home.

And by “expected,” what the lockdown facists really mean is “if you don’t comply, we’ll hunt you with drones, arrest you, and ruin your life.”

Aussies aren’t having it anymore:

Meanwhile, in liberal states like California and New York, local health officers, and state governments are colluding to tighten the screws on the long-suffering populace again, imposing lockdowns, mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations, despite the repeated failure of such tactics.

As an American, I’m both proud of our Australian freedom fighter allies and disappointed that Americans aren’t doing the same thing. How long are we going to let them herd us like cattle?

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