GOP is threatening to shut down the government to block vaccine mandates

All of a sudden, the GOP has an opportunity to stand up for liberty and show that it’s not just about empty campaign promises.

The Washington Post reports:

Despite the long political odds, 11 Republicans led by Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas issued their most recent threat in early November, promising at the time to use every tool at their disposal, including holding up the next federal funding bill. Nearly a month later, some of those same lawmakers on Wednesday signaled that they are ready to carry out their threat, raising the distinct possibility that the chamber might not be able to act in time to prevent a government shutdown.

“I think we should use the leverage we have to fight against what are illegal, unconstitutional and abusive mandates from a president and an administration that knows they are violating the law,” Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas told reporters.

For too long, Republicans have taken the high road that leads to nowhere, content to lose gracefully every time. That time is over. Trump taught the right to fight.

But there are still a lot of RINOs in the party, and they could ruin everything. Republicans need to hear from the base – you either fight for liberty, or you get our of the way.