French acting legend Michel Bouquet passes away at 96

Acclaimed French actor Michel Bouquet has passed away at the age of 96-years-old. 

Bouquet was a beloved figure in France, and the news of his death was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday.

Macron himself issued a statement saying goodbye to Bouquet. The statement read, “For seven decades, Michel Bouquet brought theatre and cinema to the highest degree of incandescence and truth, showing man in all his contradictions, with an intensity that burned the boards and burst the screen.”

Bouquet has been a force in acting since the 1940s and won two César Awards for Best Actor.

Bouquet’s death sent shockwaves through the cinematic and acting world, and it is clear that Bouquet will be missed by many.

Director Anne Fontaine, who directed one of Bouquet’s biggest hits, “How I Killed My Father,” explained Bouquet’s talent saying, “Even if he has a very relaxed and smiling air, there’s something in his acting that’s disconcerting, destabilizing, that provokes strangeness all the time.”

That aura of strangeness made Bouquet a figure that would immediately capture the attention of audiences and was part of what made him so successful in French theatre.

Bouquet’s career was so successful that he earned the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor in 2018, which is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a French citizen.