Fox host Harris Faulkner on Kamala Harris: “I want my name back”

Fox host Harris Faulkner may share a name with Vice President Kamala Harris, but she’s not flattered by the association.

“I want my name back,” Faulkner said. “Every time people say ‘Harris,’ I have to definitively say, ‘No, it’s Kamala.’ I’m not joking about that. She was an attorney general, and she’s not prepared for basic questions.”

“She’s not prepared,” Faulkner noted. “She is the defendant that she always hoped she’d get, where the questions would just leave that person befuddled. I don’t get it.”

“Is this behavior on purpose?” Faulkner asked. “Is it feigned, or is it sincere ignorance on such a great point? I don’t relish saying that. She is the vice president of the United States. She wasn’t ready. When will she be ready?”