Former Trump strategist predicts Biden impeachment over Hunter laptop scandal

Steve Bannon, the Republican strategist who guided Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to victory in 2016, predicted President Joe Biden would be impeached over the Hunter Biden laptop scandal during an appearance on Australian TV. 

The former White House chief strategist, appearing on host Sharri Markson’s Sky News Australia show this week, said the GOP would take back the House of Representatives and the president “will be” impeached on the basis of his involvement with his son’s shady business deals.

“The second item of impeachment will be around everything regarding this hard drive or the laptop from hell,” Bannon said.

“This information shows a compromise of Biden by the Chinese Communist Party, and quite frankly by others including Ukraine.

Bannon added that Markson’s “viewers will be stunned at the amount of detail of the corruption of the Biden crime family.”

“There’s absolutely amazing incriminating evidence, everything from wire transfers to cheques, that directly ties the Biden family and Joe Biden himself, to money taken from the Chinese Communist Party,” Bannon said.

“I think you are going to see accountability.”

“Specifically, [the emails on the laptop show] Joe Biden got a 10 percent cut” of Hunter’s foreign business deals.

Bannon was referring to an infamous email involving a business deal with China in which it was proposed 10 percent of the cut be held for “the big guy.”

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden’s, identified “the big guy” as Joe Biden.

In addition, Bannon predicted there would be a reckoning for Big Tech companies for their actions regarding reporting on Hunter’s laptop.

“I think the newspapers, the media that suppressed it — and particularly the tech giants that tried to take down the New York Post” and its reporting on the laptop would be “under enormous pressure” once the Republicans take the House.

This would be “leading with Facebook and Twitter,” Bannon said, both of which reduced the reach or banned the distribution of the story in the run-up to the 2020 election.