Former Trump friend Ann Coulter says “Trump is done” | and more….

Ann Coulter has been a top conservative booster of Trump for years, but it appears that she’s not on the Trump train any more.

“Trump is done,” Coulter said. “You guys should stop obsessing over him.” The Washington Examiner reports:

An early supporter of Trump’s 2016 campaign, Coulter became increasingly critical of the 45th president during his administration, pushing for him to be harder on immigration policy and border security. Coulter delivered a speech soon after the 2020 election in which she said Trump having a second term “would have killed us” and advocated for “Trumpism after Trump.”

I have a lot of respect for Coulter, but I think she’s a little bit hard on Trump here. She’s right that Trump failed to root out deep state figures like Christopher Wray and Dr. Fauci, and ran a chaotic presidency on some issues.

But Trump also reinvented the Republican party, saved the Supreme Court, and reinvigorated the people to right for their rights. Whether or not you think its time for new blood, Republicans should be profoundly grateful to Donald Trump.

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