Former federal prosecutor: Durham could have enough evidence to bring criminal conspiracy charges in Russiagate probe

Special counsel John Durham may have enough evidence to seek charges of criminal conspiracy to lie to the federal government, a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor says.

But will he? That’s a different question, according to Marc Ruskin, an ex-FBI special agent and assistant district attorney.

Durham was tasked in 2019 with investigating the FBI’s probe into unproven allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia. (Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report ultimately found no evidence of collusion.)

“Durham is already saying there was a ‘joint venture’ between various parties, including agents of the 2016 presidential campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the lawyers retained by the campaign, and their associates and subcontractors,” The Epoch Times reported Wednesday.

“The goal of the venture was to collect dirt in 2016 on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in order to help Clinton.”

In and of itself, digging up dirt on a political candidate is not illegal.

What is illegal, as The Epoch Times noted, is peddling “the dirt to the U.S. government with the understanding that lies—at least lies by omission—would be told during this process.”

Lying to the government, or even conspiring to do so, is a felony offense.

So is Durham planning to bring conspiracy charges as he continues his probe?

“I think that a strong argument can be made that there would be sufficient justification for a conspiracy charge and that it shouldn’t be a surprise if one is brought. But also, there are a lot of … strategic factors that go into a determination by a prosecutor as to what charges to make,” Ruskin told The Epoch Times.

It essentially boils down to this, Ruskin added: Durham might not bring conspiracy charges if he plans to pursue different — perhaps more serious — charges.

Durham has charged three people thus far into his probe.

According to PJ Media: “Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann faces trial next month for lying to FBI agents by telling them he wasn’t representing a client when he brought them bogus allegations that Trump had secret backchannels to the Kremlin.”