For his ‘woke’ war on white employees, a Florida police chief was sacked.

Larry Scirotto, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department’s chief of police, was sacked last Thursday following an inquiry into allegations that he discriminated against white persons in order to make the department more racially diverse.

A Florida police chief realized this week that discriminating against white people is still illegal.

Scirotto was charged with racial discrimination against white candidates and policemen who were up for promotion.

This is the type of racial discrimination that goes unnoticed but contributes to the country’s racial divide. The Left has misled the public into believing that racial variety is the answer to all societal problems, even if flagrant racial discrimination is the only way to achieve it.

According to the report, one of Scirotto’s more flagrant displays of racial intolerance occurred when he commented on a wall of images of the department’s leadership and declared, “That wall is too white” and “I’m going to change that.”

He was also tasked with evaluating applicants for a promotion. Scirotto allegedly remarked, “Which one is blacker?” after passing over a white candidate with 20 years of experience in the department in favor of two minority candidates.

Scirotto produced a “divisive climate” in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, according to the study.

When faced with the findings of the investigation, He admitted to making the “too white” remark and explained that it was part of his strategy for making the department more racially diverse.

Under the pretense of diversity, it has become permissible for individuals to discriminate based on race – in this example, against people purely because of their white skin tone, but also against Asian people.

No one deserves to be a victim of the Left’s racism, which strives to make a right out of two wrongs. It’s stupid and divisive, and it encapsulates everything that’s wrong with today’s society.