Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee resigns just months ahead of midterm elections

Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee announced her resignation from her post after three years of service on Thursday. The move came as a shock to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Lee was a close ally of Governor DeSantis and her resignation, effective May 16th, leaves a big hole in DeSantis’s administration.

Lee’s resignation letter said, “I will continue to seek what’s best for the citizens of Florida and will always be proud of what we accomplished together. Together, we protected and grew Florida’s competitive business climate, preserved Florida’s incredible historical resources, supported Florida’s arts and culture community, and strengthened Florida’s election systems. Because of your leadership, the Department of State is stronger and better than when we found it.”

The official reason given for Lee’s sudden resignation was chasing “other opportunities,” which undoubtedly points to a political move.

Lee may very well be looking to claim a spot in Congress and could campaign for Florida’s 15th Congressional District.

However, Lee’s office has been quiet so far and any political movement is based on speculation at this point.

Once Lee leaves Tallahassee, we will likely get more information on what exactly she plans to do in the coming months.

As for Governor DeSantis, filling Lee’s position needs to be done quickly and done right. Florida’s elections are just around the corner and the Secretary of State is a crucial piece to ensuring a smooth election process.