Florida Lt. Gov. slams Biden for leaving Hispanic voters behind

Minority voters across the country are sending a clear message to Democrats – you don’t own our votes.

Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez, a member of the successful Florida state government, broke down the trend that’s worrying the Biden White House – and sent warning shots across the media’s bow.

Nunez said:

…when you look at these numbers, it should be not a shock to anyone. We have seen the disastrous policies across the board from Biden since he took office. You have seen Hispanic voters are flocking to the Republican Party, and part of that is because they agree that we want to be the party. We are the party that will provide them freedom that will provide them opportunities for their families. And when you see children that are being indoctrinated in the schools and that Biden and his cronies are calling the parents domestic terrorists, those are things that really have an impact on the voters. And that’s why I believe strongly that the midterm election and beyond is going to be an incredible turn of events for the president and for the party, truly. 

You can watch the full video here: