First Lady Jill Biden drags Joe Biden to Marine One to end his press conference.

The first lady led president Joe Biden to Marine One after he told a reporter on Ash Wednesday, “I’m not going to make a judgment for other people,” in response to a question on whether he supports abortion as a Catholic.

On Wednesday, Jill Biden pushed her husband to end his press conference and board Marine One for their trip to Wisconsin.

On the South Lawn of the White House, President Biden was fielding press inquiries while the first lady stood to the side patiently waiting for him. She stepped over to the chatty president after a few minutes, encouraging him to stop talking and board the presidential chopper.

Jill smirked as she fetched the president, dressed in a pink coat. She didn’t say anything but pointed to the waiting helicopter with her head. The president finished his comments and came up to his wife, taking her hand and accompanying her across the lawn to Marine One.

The president, who had ashes on his forehead for the Catholic holiday Ash Wednesday, was responding to a question regarding abortion policy in the United States when his wife said it was time to leave.

‘I don’t want to get into a theological dispute with you,’ Biden remarked as Jill approached him. ‘In any case, I’m not going to pass judgment on others,’ he continued.

Joe, a devout Catholic, has previously called his abortion views as “middle of the road,” but he has defended abortion policy during his time in the White House, keeping him in step with other Democrats.

He also said that he got ashes from a cardinal the morning before his trip and prayed for the Ukrainian people.

In the Catholic Church, Ash Wednesday is a holy day of obligation that marks the start of Lent, a period of fasting and prayer leading up to the Easter celebration.

The first couple left the White House barely five minutes late for a day trip to Wisconsin, where they would tout the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.