Feds CRUSH Biden – Shots Didn’t Stop Covid – Biden LEAVES

Joe Biden promised to “follow the science” on Covid, but he’s doing anything but when it comes to the “booster shots” that he’s been hawking.

Luckily, major federal regulators are pushing back – and crushing Biden’s dreams of booster shots every 5 months in the process.

PJ Media reports:

The White House had said that they would approve a booster shot for most adults on September 20.  But the regulators suggest authorizing the booster shot only to the most vulnerable Americans and that only the Pfizer vaccine should be given the green light.

Moderna’s vaccine booster just concluded human trials and the results won’t be known for six to eight weeks. Meanwhile, the necessity of a booster shot for most vaccinated Americans is being questioned.

By announcing the date to begin offering the booster shot without the data being fully studied, the Biden administration is putting enormous pressure on regulators — so much so that two prominent FDA researchers are stepping down at least partly because of the rush to approve the third shot.

How’s that for science? Biden is pushing the booster whether he has data to back it up or not.

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