FBI’s disgraced #2 is calling for domestic terrorist status for Conservatives | and more…

1) The FBI’s disgraced #2 man is calling for the FBI to treat mainstream conservatives as domestic terrorists.

Have you ever wondered what disgraced former deputy FBI directors do after trying to stage a coup and lying under oath? Apparently, they give talks about “protecting democracy” at top-rated institutions of higher learning.

McCabe likened conservatives to members of the Islamic Caliphate….McCabe went on to describe the rise of the Islamic caliphate in Syria and how Islamic extremists were radicalized across socioeconomic, educational, and racial lines, likening it to the “mass radicalization” of the political right across demographics.

That’s right, according to McCabe a grandma who shares a Federalist article on Facebook and your uncle with a “Let’s Go Brandon” coffee mug are in the same category as a jihadist who killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub.

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2) No Kamala Harris is not going to the Supreme Court. Mollie Hemingway writes:

NN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin took a break from punishing his colleagues by toggling his joystick at work on a Zoom call to opine on who he thinks President Joe Biden might nominate to the Supreme Court in the event Associate Justice Stephen Breyer steps down at the end of the term.

If it wasn’t obvious to everyone before 2020, it is certainly difficult to hide now that Harris is not the most incandescent bulb in the intellectual chandelier. Her performance in the Kavanaugh trial, er, confirmation, did receive the accolades of sycophantic media fans, but was completely unbecoming.

In her public appearances, Harris reminds observers of a completely unprepared high school student asked to answer a question. One recent interview included the following memorable line:

It is time for us to do what we have been doingAnd that time is every day.”

And that’s the real reason Harris won’t be nominated. She simply isn’t up for the job.

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3) The Democrats are losing minority voters. This is dooming them in 2022:

But one disparity is perhaps weirder and more glaring than all the others. It is on the issue that obsesses the Left most of all — that of race. White gentry liberals, who run the Democratic Party and lead its militant base, are utterly out of sync with the racial minorities they claim to represent and insist they want to help.

Their tastes are different, of course. The white uber-liberal class strives toward the chichi and the hip in entertainment, foods, recreation, etc. Racial minorities, who are disproportionately members of the working class, tend toward blue-collar choices on these things rather than lining up with their professed protectors.

Divergence of taste is mirrored by a gulf on more substantive cultural matters. African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanics tend to be more conservative on education and, to an extent, on marriage, family formation, and churchgoing.

And these disparities of taste and culture are increasingly replicated in politics, which is why racial minorities have been sliding away from Democrats over the past four election cycles.

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