Ex-DOJ prosecutor: Joe Biden will pretend he wasn’t involved in Hunter’s business dealings

Jim Trusty, a former Department of Justice prosecutor appears on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to address accumulating evidence that President Biden was involved in his son Hunter Biden’s shady business operations.

Former Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutor talks about the president’s alleged involvement in his son Hunter’s business affairs.

“Let’s hope that’s the end of the perks, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.” “You know, before a federal indictment for honest services, fraud, or bribery, or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the courts will accept a lot of low-level political graft,” Trusty said.

“But, you know, the letters chastised Joe Biden for lying about knowing about the relationships, and he was doing favors for the Chinese guy that was paying his son 20 million, but I digress.” He added.

An unprepared young man finds himself making millions for a Ukrainian board for which he has no business even extracting gas played out entirely openly. And Joe Biden is going to act as if he wasn’t involved. Hunter, after all, wasn’t selling his first name.

“That is something we are aware of. So there’s a lot to consider, including whether the attorney general will let this inquiry proceed to its logical conclusion or if it will be cut short at an earlier stage.” Trusty stated.

Jesse, a Fox News reporter said, “He is going to amputate it because if they let it go on the source it should go it goes right to the President and that’s a big problem.”

“Yeah, it is, but look, we don’t know, we know there are all sorts of stuff that is being trickled out, if I’m John Durham, I’m not in love with congressional committees presenting evidence. I want to do the case myself or a former prosecutor in Delaware that is looking at it seriously,” He claimed.

Trusty continued, “A fair-minded attorney general is going to be the key, it’s a huge integrity test that’s coming up and we’ll see if he passes it.”

“I don’t think he is going to pass, I know the Biden administration always skates and I don’t see this being any different this time.” The news reporter concluded.