Employee: Massachusetts man blames voices in his head for car ramming into Trump store

According to a business employee, a Massachusetts man who plowed his car into a Trump product store on Thursday claimed it on “voices” in his brain.

Sean Flaherty, 46, is accused of driving his car through the front of the Massachusetts store.

FOX Business spoke with Karla Kelley, an employee of New England for Trump, a store where Kelley said there was no altercation or provocation when the man drove his Volkswagen Jetta off the street and into the building.

When she was asked if the driver said anything after the incident, he remembered only the voices in his head telling him to do it. She mentioned that the store reopened the next day after the automobile ripped through it, despite his car having an anti-Trump sticker on it.

She hopes that the driver is charged and that there is a potential that the store will be attacked again, but anything might happen.

Sean Flaherty, 46, allegedly crashed his car into Keith Lambert’s store in South Easton, Massachusetts, where a single employee was working at the time, according to investigators.

Flaherty was charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle and deliberate destruction of property, per the Easton Police Department.

Security footage captured the mayhem, which included shirts, hats, and another stuff flying.

According to local reports, the driver, who was transported to the hospital after crashing his car into the storefront, is expected to be fine.

Lambert assured the local press that everyone is secure and that everyone is safe in a piece published Friday. On Thursday, authorities told the press that the crash was still under investigation, but they wouldn’t say what they thought the cause was.

The car was ultimately taken away from the store, which had been damaged on the outside.