Elon Musk’s right: The left has gone insane

Elon Musk ignited a firestorm this week when he tweeted a meme that criticizes America’s radical left-wing politics, demonstrating how the emergence of the ultra-left has made people like him appear right-of-center, despite the fact that their beliefs haven’t changed.

Many on the political left have threatened to deactivate their accounts or boycott Twitter as a result of Elon Musk’s purchase.

What’s the big deal? For the simple reason that the meme is correct. “I strongly supported Obama for president,” he continued, “but today’s Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists.”

The insanity of “anti-racism” and critical race theory surpassed firm support for affirmative action. Embracing gender change for children, forced use of “preferred pronouns,” and denial of the apparent facts regarding trans athletes became the litmus test, rather than supporting LGBTQ people.

“Defund and Abolish” developed from criticism of law enforcement excesses. Supporting immigration has turned into a vehement hostility to any form of border control.

That’s not even mentioning the right to free speech. It is now considered an evil type of “white supremacy” by an American left that once cherished it.

And it’s all aimed against everyone who hasn’t gone along with it, let alone those who disagree.

Musk’s Twitter purchase demonstrates that the modern left has no place for someone who believes in “equality and not being an a-hole over trivial things,” as Musk has demonstrated.

Even if the left’s control of the media obscures this fact, millions of non-billionaire Americans feel the same way. It’s one of the main reasons why Democrats are expected to lose in November, according to all polls: Voters reject the far-left craziness across all racial and socioeconomic lines.

“The far left hates everyone, including themselves!” Musk tweeted on Friday. “But I’m no fan of the far-right either,” he continued. “Let’s have less hate and more love.”