Elizabeth Warren is calling for court-packing alongside the Breyer replacement

Elizabeth Warren isn’t in the running for the Supreme Court position vacated by Stephen Breyer, because she isn’t a black woman, although given her track record of fraudulent claims, she might try to become one.

So she’s doing the next best thing for her – calling for 4 more Supreme Court justices. I’m sure she’s hoping that one of the four will be a 1/64 Cherokee from Harvard.

Breitbart notes:

Court-packing entails adding more justices to the Supreme Court in order to shift the balance of power toward the nominating party. Currently, the court has six justices appointed by Republicans and three appointed by Democrats. If implemented, court-packing would destroy an independent judiciary as president after president appoints however many justices they desire to get an ideological outcome. It has been a hardcore progressive cause ever since former President Trump began shifting the balance of the court, starting with Justice Kavanaugh and accelerating into overdrive when Justice Barrett replaced the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ironically, neither Ginsburg nor Breyer supported the idea and condemned it at every turn.