Dr. Fauci’s 350k retirement | and more…..

1) Dr. Fauci will get the largest government retirement package in history when he steps down – over $350,000 a year

Anthony Fauci is set to rake in the highest-ever federal government retirement package in U.S. history with his annual payment exceeding $350,000, according to a Forbes estimate.

The White House’s top COVID adviser, who is 81, has shown no indications that he will retire any time soon after 55 years as a federal employee. Since 1984, Fauci has served as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health.

If he retired today, Fauci would still earn $350,000 per year on retirement and his pension and benefits would continue to increase with cost-of-living adjustments, auditors at OpenTheBooks.com found in the Forbes review.

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2) A defiant New York City is proving that Covid panic is losing it’s power. Steve Cuozzo writes:

In New York City especially, the number of people, and energy level, in stores and restaurants and on the streets is remarkable given our supposed death rattle. It isn’t that people aren’t afraid. Of course they are. But they’re not as afraid as they were a year ago.

They’re defiant in the face of nerve-grating pronouncements and warnings from the Fauci/New York Times/CNN virus-forever complex. They spew horrible news 24/7: Breakthrough infections among the vaccinated! Omicron’s unprecedented contagiousness!

Amid so much gloom untempered by context or nuance — such as the fact that most Omicron cases among fully vaxxed people are about as eventful as common colds — one would expect a fear-frozen metropolis would be “sheltering in place” as in the darkest days of spring 2020.

Most restaurants are open for New Year’s Eve complete with festive trimmings. Many offer special holiday meals, such as $395 for five courses at Marea on Central Park South — a place that recently closed for three days after a staff COVID cluster.

One reason for people’s stiffening disregard for government “guidance” is that most have learned to recognize baloney after being fed it for nearly two years.

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3) The revolt against wokeness has begun. Frank Furedi writes:

One of the most significant events of 2021 was the revolt of frustrated and angry parents in Virginia, against the teaching of so-called critical race theory in local schools.

….For too long, those concerned with the culture wars have focused their attention on universities. But it is the school where the battle for hearts and minds is really being fought. Finally, parents have realised that unless they rise to meet the challenge posed by woke pedagogy, they risk losing their authority and influence over their children. The parents of Virginia have shown that it is possible to protect education from the powerful forces trying to politicise and, ultimately, destroy it. The fightback against woke is just getting started.

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