Disturbing abuse allegations could derail leading GOP Senate candidate

Eric Greitens, the leading GOP candidate in the race to replace retiring Sen. Roy Blunt, is facing new allegations of abuse from his former wife.

Greitens, a Navy SEAL and Rhodes scholar, served as governor of Missouri between January of 2017 and June of 2018.

However, he was forced to resign after an affair he had with a hairstylist became public.

The hairstylist accused him of abuse and blackmailing her with compromising photos; the latter allegation led to a felony invasion of privacy charge, which was eventually dropped.

According to Fox News, the latest abuse allegations come from Sheena Greitens, the former governor’s ex-wife.

Sheena, who now lives in Texas with the couple’s two children, alleged in a Monday court filing that her ex-husband abused both her and her children.

The filing was part of an effort to have the couple’s child custody case moved to Texas.

“In early June 2018, I became afraid for my safety and that of our children at our home, which was fairly isolated, due to Eric’s unstable and coercive behavior,” Sheena Greitens said in the court filing.

“This behavior included physical violence toward our children, such as cuffing our then three-year-old son across the face at the dinner table in front of me and yanking him around by his hair.”

Greitens has denied the allegations.

“Being a father is the joy of my life and my single most important responsibility,” he said in a statement.

“I will continue to love and care for my beautiful sons with all of my being, and that includes fighting for the truth and against completely fabricated, baseless allegations.”

According to polls, Greitens has been leading Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Eric Schmitt and Rep. Vicky Hartzler in the primaries, although no public survey has been taken since February.

Meanwhile, according to Politico, a January poll showed Greitens with only a slim lead over leading Democrat Lucas Kunce if the election was held today — 42.2 percent for Greitens vs. 38.3 percent for Kunce.

Missouri is usually solidly Republican — Donald Trump won the state by 16 points in 2020 — which has GOP officials worried. Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley has already endorsed Hartzler, one of Greitens stronger opponents.

“I thought it might be good for me to be involved in this race. The field seemed to be fracturing and splintering,” Hawley said in a February interview. “We’ve seen this happen in Missouri races. I just think it’s so important we hold this seat.”

After the newest allegations, Hawley said the former governor should withdraw from the Senate race.

“If you hit a woman or a child, you belong in handcuffs, not the United States Senate. It’s time for Eric Greitens to leave this race,” he tweeted.