Dems ignore Nancy Pelosi | and more….

1) Democrats are ignoring Nancy Pelosi’s push for Biden’s Build Back Better bill. Real Clear Politics reports:

CNBC Change Research survey released this week found that a whopping 73% of voters believe the economy is in “poor” or “not so good shape,” and 60% disapprove of Biden’s economic record.

In light of those numbers, there’s little wonder why some Democrats in tough election battles this year aren’t heeding Pelosi’s call to sing the praises of progressives’ vast social spending measure. With the party facing serious headwinds in the November midterms, five Democratic House challengers have been noticeably mum about their position on BBB, failing to publicly tout Biden’s top legislative priority, with no mentions of it on their otherwise active social media sites.

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2) Fox star Peter Doocy NUKES Jen Psaki – this is great

3) Betty White’s cause of death revealed:

Betty White suffered a stroke six days before she died peacefully in her sleep at age 99, her death certificate has revealed.

The Golden Girls star’s official cause of death has been listed as a cerebrovascular accident, TMZ reported on Monday.

While a stroke can cause lasting brain damage and long-term disability, sources told the outlet that White was ‘alert and coherent’ following the incident.

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