Dems CRUSH Police – Liberals Are A Thanksgiving Nightmare – Biden Gives Up

1) Democrats crushed our policing. Now we’re all suffering. Karol Marcowictz writes:

A survey of 5,935 New York Police Department officers, released last week, found that a startling 56% would not become cops if they had to do it again.

That’s a travesty.

There’s a certain type of person who is drawn to law enforcement jobs. It is not a glamorous job nor does it pay particularly well for the risks they are asked every day to endure.

But for a long time, the profession was respected. Everyone knew we needed police for a functioning society.

Last year, when the Black Lives Matter protests turned into riots all over the country, police were maligned as the enemy. The foolish idea “Defund Police” spread among the left and took up residence among policy makers. The idea sounded like a joke and yet cities across the country made cuts to their police departments in response to activist demands.

When the predictable crime spikes arrived, cities tried to back-pedal. But after months of maligning the men and women protecting our streets it wasn’t quite so easy to rebuild.

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2) Some Democrat shill named Molly Jong-Fast wants you to “Deprogram” your relatives at Thanksgiving. If that fails, she wants you to report them to the FBI. Unreal. She writes:

Maybe it won’t work. Maybe you’ll leave Thanksgiving dinner as divided as you were when you sat down at the table five hours and 4,000 calories ago. Or maybe you’ll plant the seed, sow just a little doubt about whatever Tucker Carlson is saying now. Maybe you’ll even change a heart or a mind. Maybe you’ll bring the temperature down just a tiny bit. Or maybe you’ll need to report a relative to the FBI! Either way, it’s something to do besides just eat.

3) Biden isn’t going to do anything about oil and gas prices. Stephan Green reports:

With great fanfare from the press and a shrug from the markets, Presidentish Joe Biden announced his plan to basically do nothing about the high price of oil and gas.

Gas is up an average of 57% this year, with corresponding increases of 44% for diesel and a whopping 60% for fuel oil.

What we need is to produce more oil, but by shutting down pipelines and essentially waging war against fracking, Biden is effectively strangling our ability to increase production when we need it most.

Biden couldn’t have come up with better ways of making gasoline more expensive if he’d tried… and let’s be honest… he’s tried very hard.

Mission accomplished.

Let’s go, Brandon.

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