Democrats turning on Joe Biden, majority don’t want Biden to run in 2024

President Joe Biden is facing a revolt as Democrats are banding together against the prospect of Biden running for a 2nd term in the 2024 presidential elections. Democrats know they are doomed in this year’s election and have chosen the President as the culprit.

Joe Cunningham, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in South Carolina, is just one of many Democrats who believe it is time for Biden to “step aside and allow for a new generation of leadership.”

South Carolina was key to President Biden’s campaign to win the Democrat nomination in 2020.

For President Biden to lose support among South Carolina Democrats signals just how bad things have gotten.

This coincides with a new CNN poll that found a shocking 75% of Democrat voters want to see someone other than President Biden run for President in 2024.

Only 31% of Democrat respondents supported President Biden running for a second term, down from 51% in January of this year.

The writing is on the wall for President Biden and his administration. Democrats are abandoning him in droves and the Democrat Party is about to get annihilated in the midterm election.

The only question is who will fill the power vacuum left by President Biden if he declines to run in 2024.

While many names, from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to Hillary Clinton, have been thrown around, no one has emerged as a strong contender. This is a problem Democrats will have to work out after the midterm elections.