Democrats HUGE Losses – Inflation MELTDOWN – Biden LOSES Control

1) Democrats Face HUGE Losses in the Senate.

Democrats are terrified of what the future holds for them in the United States Senate.

The party currently controls half the seats in the chamber, giving them, with Vice President Harris’s tie-breaking vote, the narrowest possible majority. But some in the party — like pollster David Shor, recently profiled by Ezra Klein in the New York Times — believe demographic trends put Democrats at grave risk of falling into a deep hole over the next two election cycles.

That risk exists even if Democrats continue to win more votes nationwide. “If 2024 is simply a normal year, in which Democrats win 51 percent of the two-party vote, Shor’s model projects a seven-seat loss, compared with where they are now,” Klein writes.

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2) A massive economic meltdown is in progress, thanks to Democrat policies. James Pinkerton writes:

This toxic twinning of red ink and red tape is a formula for inflationary stagnation or, as it was called in the 1970s, stagflation. As it happens, I have written much about the ominous parallels between the economy of the 2020s and that of the 1970s, including herehere, and here 

Indeed, the historical record tells us that if the ’70s/’20s parallelism is allowed to continue, the voluntary unemployment we see today will be joined by something much worse tomorrow: involuntary unemployment.  

Joe Biden, born in 1942, ought to remember the 1970s. And yet instead of learning from the past with an eye toward avoiding pitfalls, Biden seems happy to be reliving it.

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3) Biden is losing control, fast. Roger Kimball writes:

But whether Joe is calling the shots or is merely the Howdy Doody mannequin manipulated by others, it is clear for all to see that the United States, as Green puts it, is “heading nowhere good.” And the volume keeps getting turned up on the awfulness.

Everyone has minuted the disaster at our southern border, where thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into the country, only to be packed off and resettled in a town near you. It was horrible a couple of months ago. Now it is a screaming catastrophe, as another huge caravan of migrants is wending its way through Mexico towards America. Just so, inflation had spiked over the summer, but now it is out of control, the worst in decades, a situation compounded by a crippled supply chain as hundreds of cargo ships loiter off the coasts of California and New York, unable to make port or be unloaded.

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