Democrats Caught In Shock VIDEO – Judge STOPS FBI – Liberals Terrified

1) Democrats promised there would be no vaccine mandates. They lied.


2) A Judge has ordered the FBI to stop going through Project Veritas journalist James O’Keefe’s phone

The FBI has been ordered by a federal judge to stop plundering information from James O’Keefe’s phone following a raid on his home and other properties connected with Project Veritas last weekend.

The raid was a chilling and frightening overreach by law enforcement of protected journalistic work product. O’Keefe has said that his phone offers a window into what other projects he and his staff are working on — projects the Biden Administration may not want him to cover.

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3) Liberal Seattle is so dangerous that county employees have to be escorted by armed security through the city. Private sector workers are on their own however.

Seattle has become so dangerous that the city can no longer protect its own employees, with security guards now escorting them after they finish work.

King County’s new ‘walking bus’ will debut on November 15, and see council workers based in Downtown Seattle and nearby Pioneer Square escorted to a nearby train station and ferry terminal each evening before being left to continue their commute home.

It is unclear how the guards have been instructed to defend themselves and city workers in the event of an attack.

King County security staff are issued pepper spray and bulletproof vests as standard, having had batons and handcuffs they were once permitted to carry removed several years ago.

News of the walking bus hit the headlines a day after Seattle announced it was cutting $10 million from the city police department’s $400m budget.

That has outraged both pro-police advocates and defund the police campaigners, after the city vowed to hack 50 per cent off its policing budget in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

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