Democrats are hunting their enemies | and more…

1) Democrats are using January 6 to hunt their political enemies. Miranda Devine writes:

The Texas synagogue siege Saturday highlights the risk to Americans of the Biden administration’s singular obsession with targeting Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

Thankfully, the FBI hostage rescue team did a stellar job rescuing the hostages, with the only fatality being the hostage-taker, a recently arrived Pakistani-born British Muslim demanding the release of a jailed anti-Semitic terrorist, dubbed “Lady al Qaeda.”

It is a shame that their great work was immediately overshadowed by the absurd, PC pronouncement of senior FBI officials and President Biden that no one knew the motive of the terrorist, Malik Faisal Akram.

But the attack is a reminder of times in the not-so-distant past, when Islamist terrorism was considered a threat greater than a MAGA supporter, and the national security apparatus was deployed to protect American citizens, not attack them.

Now the Biden administration has flipped it all around to target the Democratic Party’s political opponents, or anyone who displays anti-authority tendencies.

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2) Biden is reversing course on the pandemic

President Joe Biden took office promising to “shut down” COVID-19, but in recent weeks, he has taken steps toward acknowledging that the virus will not be eradicated, repositioning to limit damage in the midterm elections.

The focus of messaging from the White House and top administration health officials continues to promote vaccinations, masks, and caution. But in several notable instances, Biden officials have also moved to encourage the public about the relatively low severity of the omicron variant, backed the reopening of schools, and acknowledged that the spread of the virus was inevitable.

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3) Cop shooter in Georgia arrested

A man suspected of shooting two deputies in Georgia last week was apprehended Sunday following a nearly week-long manhunt, authorities said.

Tyler Keith Henderson, 25, was on the run for more than five days before he was taken into custody by authorities in Thomas County, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

“He will now be a resident of the Thomas County Jail and will be held accountable for trying to take the life of three of our Deputies,” the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

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