Democratic strategist: We’re facing a “biblical disaster” in the midterms

I prefer the phrase “Dempocalypse,” but semantics aside, we don’t need to argue about the magnitude of the impending disaster.

Democrats appear to bounce between blaming their lack of popularity on poor “messaging” and looking for a political deus ex machina to save them from their current problem.

For a brief while, it appeared that the war in Ukraine would provide that; Biden’s team has handled the fight admirably, despite the occasional foolish shouting from the top about “regime change” in Russia.

However, there has been no discernible increase in his job approval in recent months. His numbers rose temporarily in the first two weeks of the war, then fell back to 40-41 percent, where they have remained ever since.

Team Blue is running out of time for a game-changer in the election. Their greatest opportunity is for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe in June, but if that doesn’t spark Democratic enthusiasm to vote, they’re in for a major defeat come autumn.

All expectation that inflation would go away on its own, without the Fed’s costly intervention, appears to be gone. And the White House appears committed to enacting Title 42, resulting in a border stampede that would undoubtedly sway the remaining Democratic-leaning swing voters to the GOP.

Some liberal strategists have been despondent after surveying the political scene and seeing no reason for optimism:

“I think this will be a biblical disaster,” one Democratic strategist, who did not want to be identified, said. “As Democrats, this is our reality, and no one wants to face it.”

“Right now, we’re in a very chaotic situation,” one Democratic strategist, Joel Payne, said. “There’s COVID, Afghanistan was only a year ago, and now there’s the war in Ukraine, and the economy is up or down depending on who you ask.”

“The bad news is starting to seep in. “The good news is that Democrats have done a poor job of messaging,” Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky said.

The importance of Payne’s statement regarding never-ending turmoil cannot be emphasized. It wasn’t simply because Americans were humiliated by the Taliban takeover or because Biden’s team appeared inept that Biden’s approval began to erode last August amid the Afghan catastrophe.