Court rules mail-in voting unconstitutional | and more…

President Trump lost Pennsylvania by a thin margin in 2020 after a corrupt governor and legislature rammed through a universal mail-in voting act.

Now, a statewide court just found that mail-in voting is unconstitutional. It’s too late for Trump, but just in time for 2022.

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Glenn Yougkin’s new team in Virginia keeps kicking butt. Jason Miyares, the new Republican Attorney General, just issued a ruling stating that Virginia universities can’t mandate vaccines as a condition of attending in-person classes.

The stunning collapse of a Pittsburgh bridge just before Biden’s arrival on a visit to the city is a metaphor for his entire failed presidency. Even after passing a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, nothing is fixed in Biden’s America.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene is breaking with Trump and endorsing a different candidate for a Tennessee race. Are there cracks in the foundation?

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