Conservatives Punch Back – China Gets Bad News – Biden Destroys It

1) Conservatives punch back on Columbus day. Dan McLaughlin writes:

More importantly still, what we really celebrate is the fact that Columbus’s voyage made America possible. We celebrate that everything that followed 1492 flowed from that first leap into the dark. And that is precisely why the holiday’s critics seek to attack it. To celebrate Columbus Day is to say that it is good that America was founded.

Of course, many bad things as well as good can be found as a result of more than five centuries of history in the Western Hemisphere. Human history anywhere is like that… Yet, in the long run, the voyage of Columbus did not usher in a new age of darkness, but one of possibility, and if some of the nations of the Western Hemisphere have less to celebrate in what they have made of those possibilities, the exceptional United States has surely gifted the world much that it lacked before.

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2) We should arm Taiwan to the teeth. Rich Lowry writes:

We should be fortifying Taiwan and making it as difficult as possible for China to take. That means stockpiling food, energy, and munitions against a Chinese blockade. It means making its infrastructure more resilient and enhancing its cyber capabilities. It means increasing its capability to detect an early mustering of Chinese forces. It means more mines, anti-ship missiles, air-defense capabilities, and unmanned systems to frustrate a cross-strait invasion.

The Chinese have been focused on “area denial,” missiles, and the like to deny our access to Taiwan and its environs. But these capabilities can be turned against China, too.

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3) Biden is destroying everything good. Victor Davis Hansen writes:

Within eight months the following was finalized: Joe Biden utterly destroyed the idea of a border. Some 2 million were scheduled to cross illegally in the current fiscal year. The sheer inhumanity of deplorable conditions at the border surpassed any notion of the “cages” Donald Trump, in fact, had inherited from the humanitarian Barack Obama.

A war almost immediately broke out in the Middle East, once Biden distanced the United States from Israel and rebooted the radical Palestinian cause.

The Taliban defeated the 20-year effort of the United States in Afghanistan, in the most humiliating withdrawal of the American military in over 45 years. Tens of billions of dollars of abandoned military equipment now arm the Taliban and have turned Afghanistan into a world arms mart for terrorists. Iran is emboldened and speeds up its nuclear proliferation efforts. China brags that the United States has been Afghanistanized and will not defend its allies, Taiwan in particular.

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