Conservative college student draws leftist ire by speaking her mind

Is Kelly Neidert “the most hated conservative college student in the state of Texas”?

Neidert, a 22-year-old University of North Texas student and the subject of a Thursday profile in The Texas Tribune, says she is.

Her biggest transgression? Speaking her mind, especially when it comes to the conservative beliefs she is unafraid to trumpet.

In its article, The Tribune highlighted some of the times Neidert has drawn the ire of the left.


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Neidert is also unafraid to challenge leftist views on trangenderism.

“Trans ‘women’ are men, actually,” she tweeted last month.

And that’s not all. “On TikTok, she posted a video in which she approached a group of students holding an event for ‘Coming Out Day’ and said she was coming out as conservative,” The Tribune reported.

“To her allies on the right, she’s a crusader against the ‘woke’ left that is censoring conservatives in American higher education,” the outlet explained. “To her opponents on the left, she’s using YCT and social media to spew hate speech about transgender students and to harass them.”

Neidert is active in the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter at her school, and the group made headlines last month after inviting conservative Texas House candidate Jeff Younger, who’s best known for trying to stop his young child’s “gender transition,” to speak on campus.

Leftist demonstrators ultimately shut down the event, and as the Tribune noted, “Police hid Neidert in a janitor’s closet to avoid protesters who were roaming the halls, allegedly searching for her.”

Neidert told The Tribune her ultimate goal is to show people what it’s like to be a conservative on a college campus.

“I think that conservatives, especially older ones who haven’t been on a campus in a while, they’re shocked by it,” Neidert said. “And so the goal of my TikTok has been to show people this is happening at college, and it’s also happening in Texas.”