Commentator: Media is ‘guilty on all counts of lying about Kyle Rittenhouse’

The trial is complete and the verdict is “guilty on all counts,” one commentator says.

The guilty one is not Kyle Rittenhouse, who a jury found not guilty Friday of homicide charges for his involvement in the shooting deaths of two men last year as riots engulfed Kenosha, Wisconsin, writes Stephen Kruiser for PJ Media.

The guilty party is the mainstream media, who spent more than a year trying to villainize Rittenhouse, whose defenders point to clear video evidence proving that he was justified in killing Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and injuring Gaige Grosskreutz.

“Mainstream Media Found GUILTY on All Counts of Lying About Kyle Rittenhouse,” Kruiser wrote in his headline, before elaborating: “The MSM wanted this trial to be conducted entirely in the court of leftist public opinion. The actual trial was intended to be a mere formality.”

The establishment media needed to portray Rittenhouse as a “monster” so that they could keep pushing the narrative that last year’s unrest in cities across the country consisted of “mostly peaceful protests” rather than riots, Kruiser said.

“Rittenhouse simply had to be the monster under the bed to continue the ‘rioters as mostly peaceful avenging angels’ hogwash they began spewing last year,” he wrote.

But that’s not all.

“Rittenhouse also damaged their delusions of invincibility,” Kruiser said. “The riots that began in the summer of last year were conducted in blue cities where the local citizens were prevented by law from adequately defending themselves.

“The rioters were also protected by stand-offish approaches to dealing with them by law enforcement. They’d begun to believe that they were riot gods who could impose their will whenever they wanted to.”

The lies started almost immediately after the shootings, he added.

“They almost immediately began lying about the legal particulars of Rittenhouse having the gun and … doubled down on the lying even after they’d been proven wrong,” Kruiser wrote.

Then, the media started lying about Rittenhouse’s intentions, he said: “Once it was determined that Rittenhouse had to be their Satan, the left began telling tales. In the prevailing media story, he ran into the fray just looking for someone to shoot. By the time social-media libs got ahold of this narrative, you’d have thought that Rittenhouse went in guns blazing as if he were starring in a modern-day western.”

And the media didn’t let the jury’s verdict stop them from lying, Kruiser wrote: “In the time it has taken me to write this column, the MSM has been flooded with hot takes ranging from ‘MURDERER!’ to concerns about how to protect future rioters.”

But there’s good news on the media front in that leftist outlets’ lies are being exposed, he added.

“The entire American leftist outrage machine is awash in flop-sweat right now. Rittenhouse’s actions and the jury’s verdict have exposed their vulnerabilities on all fronts. Despite having social media providing cover for them, Democrats and the MSM have found it difficult to keep up their old ways now that everybody has internet,” he wrote.

“Their lies are exposed with ever greater ease. Whenever the Democrat/MSM/Social Media triumvirate tries to shut down one source of truth, another pops up, like a wildfire that can’t be controlled. Their expected slam dunk was blocked and smacked right out of the arena on this one.”