CNN fires staffers over vaccine | Terror in California | Conservative news dominates | And more….

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CNN wants you to think that they’re the good guys, but what they just did to their own employees proves that they’re one of the nastiest, most cold-blooded corporations on the planet.

Breitbart News reports:

CNN fired three employees Thursday for refusing vaccination in the largest reported purge at the company since 2017.

President of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker issued a statement in support of his decision to fire the employees, citing his “zero-tolerance policy on this.”

Meanwhile, primetime anchor Chris Cuomo, who not only covered up his brother’s sick sexual assaults but also was a major covidiot still has a job at the network – and hasn’t even been criticized on the air there.

Cover up sexual assault? No problem. Decide what to put in your own body? You’re fired.

CNN truly is a clown show.

And more news:

California town destroyed by terrifying wildfire. Pray for the families.

Breitbart absolutely dominates it’s left-wing rivals on Facebook despite massive tech censorship. 

This RINO GOP Governor needs to go. ASAP.

The Sturgis bike rally is back and bigger than ever. These guys aren’t intimidated by the media propaganda about COVID.

Tweet of the day:

Is there anyone creepier than Joe Biden? This image makes my skin crawl.