Chris Wallace Replacement News – Biden Infrastructure Bill Implodes – Purple Texas Is DEAD

1) Chris Wallace’s replacement shouldn’t just be another Washington flack. Eddie Scarry writes:

Congratulations to Chris Wallace, who announced Sunday that after a lengthy stint anchoring “Fox News Sunday,” he will be leaving the channel. Reports are that he’s joining CNN, where presumably he can more openly live his truth as a Joe Biden supporter.

I have no idea what Fox plans to do in terms of replacing Wallace, but can it please be with someone who doesn’t think it’s his job to promote the sensibilities of the Washington establishment?

That’s all the Sunday news shows are good for anymore, including at Fox, where Wallace asked all the right questions (which is to say, the ones his peers in the media and no one else cares about) and booked all the right guests (which is to say, the ones who live in the D.C. area and work at places like the Washington Post or some other “respected” publication).

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2) The true cost of Biden’s BBB bill is out – and it’s stunning. Byron York writes:

But no one should have any illusions about what BBB, the final piece in the Democrats’ COVID-year spending orgy, costs. After a lot of deceptive claims from Democrats, we finally have an answer.

Biden has claimed, falsely, that the bill is “fully paid for.” But last month, the Congressional Budget Office released an analysis saying BBB would add $367 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years. So much for “fully paid for.”

But it’s much, much worse than that. According to a new assessment from the CBO, the cost of the bill under real-world conditions — the way Democrats hope to administer it — will add not $367 billion to the deficit but $3 trillion. That’s more than eight times the deficit spending Democrats are citing.

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3) “Purple Texas” is officially dead – the state is red to the core.

A new poll from Quinnipiac Polling Group indicates that incumbent Governor Greg Abbott is well on his way to victory in the 2022 midterm elections. The survey of 1,224 registered voters found Abbott has opened a 53 percent to 37 percent lead, a whopping 15 point margin in the early going.

Beto’s poor early numbers suggest the “purple Texas” narrative is under threat of collapse. The Biden border catastrophe, Beto’s insufferable Austin tech-bro liberalism, and collapsing support among Hispanic voters threaten humiliation for Texas Democrats.

The Democratic weakness in Texas may come as a surprise to Republicans who watched with horror as Beto threatened to lead a successful progressive insurgency to the Senate in 2018. Beto’s campaign was a grassroots masterclass, turning out every possible Democrat vote in the state.

Senator Ted Cruz would survive Beto’s challenge with a 2.6 percent margin of victory, but the Democratic success emboldened national Democrats and brought “purple Texas” rhetoric to a fever pitch. By 2020, DNC confidence led Vice-President Biden to spend some of the crucial final days of his campaign rallying support across North and West Texas.

Then, it all fell apart. Republicans overperformed optimistic polling across the state by sweeping every statewide election, retaining the legislature, and carving out significant gains with South Texas’ traditionally Democratic Hispanic electorate.

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